Friday, July 25, 2008

Cricket Review:Match 1 - Adada paer vaikaliye Vs Marathas

First an interesting note on the name of the first team. ADADA PAER VAIKALIYE (we arent named yet). When the cricket season starts in our office, the office gets buzzing with talks on forming the team. More than forming the team, we get very concerned about naming the team first and come up with some catchy!!!! names to create a stir among our colleagues. In a pursuit of such a catchy name, this team didnt get any good name..

There would always be an interview of the captains one day before the match and the same would be aired in the lunch hall TVs. This team wasnt named until the time the captain was called for the interview. Hence, when the interviewer asked about the name of the team, they simply utterred "Adada paer vaikaliye".. which the interviewer mistook for the team name and that stayed on. Moreover, they werent a full strength team of 11 and they were running from post to pillar to get people into their team. Somehow after all the confusion, they formed a 11 member team and assembled in the ground on the day of the match.

Their opponents Marathas were quite a strong team and they were predicted to reach atleast the last 4 stage of the tournament which comprised of 32 teams.


The Marathas were put in to bat in the 8 over tennis ball match, which took place in the MCC college ground, chennai. The Marathas being a strong team, marauded the poor bowlers. The ball was in the air for most of the time and the fielders got tired in running and fetching the ball from beyond the boundary. Such was the scoring rate that the Marathas accumulated 76 runs in their allotted 8 overs.

The turn came for the great team to bat. The players had a huddle, discussed stratergy, decided on who is going to open the innings. In went the openers, with their captain Subash cheering them from outside and giving them some last minute tips. The bowler got himself ready and he was in a tremendrous pressure to perform (his fiance was watching the match from the stands). No wonder he was under a great pressure. The batsmen were also under pressure of having to chase the mammoth target ahead. The dressing room!!!! was also tensed. The audience were eagerly waiting for the match to resume.

The batsman took gaurd and waved the bowler to have a go. The bowler came rushing in and bowled a rank full toss ball. The batsman's eye got lit up and aimed a full blooded heave at the ball. There it went a good distance with a good sound of the ball striking the timber and the stump laid flat on the ground a couple of feets away from where it was. IT WAS A WICKET.. that too off the FIRST BALL. The bowler was ecstatic for having maintained his reputation intact (infront of his fiancee). The fielding team was celebrating. The batting team even got tensed. So, the next batsman came rushing in with a plan and determination. The bowler got ready and came running in, bowled the ball and again struck the timber. two wickets in two balls and he was on a hat-trick. So, in came the next batsman with a great aim of atleast avoiding the hattrick for the bowler. The bowler got ready and came running in again and delivered the ball. The batsman was successful in his attempt to touch the ball and save the stump, but he was not so successful to keep the ball out of reach of the keeper. yeah.. he edged the ball, which the keeper pouched safely. so it was a HATTRICK. The bowler was over the moon. Everybody was around him and giving high-fives and literally lifted him off the ground.

In came the batsman no 4 and got ready to face the fourth ball. The ball was delivered again and it was played safely, away from the reach of the stump or the fielders. Atlast a ball without a wicket, a little success for the batsman and for the team. The crowd was roaring and the batting team jumped in joy for not losing another wicket. But, their joy was short lived as the next ball, the batsman in form(remember, he was the only one to face more than one ball till that time) got over ambitious and tried to loft the ball out of the ground and inturn lost his stump. Another wicket and 4 wickets in 5 balls. Wat a match the bowler was having and that too in front of his fiancee. He definitely created a lasting impression and he should be thanking his stars. The next ball didnt produce a wicket.

After the event ful over, the runner atlast got to bat after witnessing his teammates coming in and going out immediately. Started the next over and after the very first ball, this batsman too joined the posession to cool his legs under the cool shade of the pavilion(a tree). Yes. it produced another wicket. This became quite predictable and that over produced another wicket in the form of a run out. The batsman almost got the first run of the innings, when his dreams were shattered when the stumps were shatterd in the form of a direct hit by the fielder when the batsman was just short of the crease. The batsman couldnt believe his eyes and he literally kneeled down in the ground after failing to cross the crease.

Came the third over, from the first over hero and the first ball again produced a wicket. In went their captain subash, with a great hope that he could atleast steady the ship. He was in the runners end when the dramatic thing happenned. The bowler bowled a wide delivery and the team has opened its scoring account. There was a huge cheer among the crowd. The batsmen got happy and wanted to add some more to the score which cost them another wicket. 8 wickets lost for 1 run. The next batsman who went in scored the first run of the team and raised his bat towards the pavilion and there was again an instant cheer among the crowd. So, the captain went in and the team score got off the mark. With his job over, he too gifted his wicket in the same over. 3 wickets of this over too. The analysis of the bowler read as 2 overs-1 maiden-2 runs- 7 wickets. What a day that too in front of someone so special. He indeed bowled a maiden over. finished the over and there was a spring in his step and marched towards his fielding position.

The game progressed to the 4th over and got over mid way through that over. The team got bundled out for 2 runs. 2 RUNS ALLOUT(courtesy 1 wide). Wat a dramatic match. The positived minded people they were, the batting team were cheering and celebrating more than the winning team. They lifted the batsman who scored their first run and took him for a round in the ground. All the crowd were around the losing team and left the team that won unnoticed.

The stratergies got ready for the second match and they came back with a spirited perfomance in the next match (will be logged in the next post)

To be continued .....

Reg. Cricket reviews

I am a regular follower of cricket and for quite some time been thinking of writing some reviews or news about the current happenings in the world of cricket. But, already one of my colleague took up this job and infact he is doing it very well. Anything and everything that happens in cricket is being logged in his blog. So, why to do one when it is already being done by my colleague and that too being a regular follower of the blog, even if i try to post something about cricket, i cant help but have the influence of his comments in my blog. So, dropped that idea.

But, the mad fan in me still pops up his head and urges me to write atleast something about cricket. so, what if, the international cricket is being handled by my colleague. I decided to write about the friendly matches that i play or once played. Anyway cricket is cricket. The following posts will log some of the interesting matches played in our company's yearly cricket tournament.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Artificial Intelligence in bikes

The automobile industry is already improving by leaps and bounds. The past decade or so has seen the advent of new technologies like GPS, ABS, child lock and lots of other things that help the driver to care less about the controls of the vehicle and instead enjoy the ride. At this pace, its not long before someone implements the Artificial Intelligence in the vehicles.

Just think about the AI installed bikes. whenever wait in the traffic, it should automatically sense how much time is still left for the signal to turn green and based on that, the engine should automatically turn off. When the time is very short, the engine should keep running. In this way, it not only saves the petrol and thereby being more economical, it also avoids accidents. As the engine is turned off, the driver cannot cross a signal on sighting a small opening. Quite a remarkable technology it will be.. isnt it?

After riding my bike for close to four years, i just came to know that the Hero Honda guys have already tried this technology and that they have implemented this in my bike. WOW.. amazing... i came to know that only a couple of weeks back.. tat too after giving my bike for service.. or is it that the bike mechanic tried something like this.. anyway... i am proud of this new technology being implemented in mine. But, as it goes with every technology, this has got its bugs as well. Not anything big, just that the technology is working in reverse in my bike.

Whenever, i stop the vehicle in a signal, that too for a small duration of time, my bike immediately turns off. By the time i start it and run my bike, the signal turns green and i am left to face the cold stares and some name callings by the fellow riders. Also, when i stop the bike for a longer duration of time.. i voluntarily leave my engine on to check whether it automatically turns off, but that never happens. Even if its for 120 seconds, the engine keeps running. When i take this to the mechanic to show what the problem is and leave it in the idle and wait for it to turn off, it never happens again. But, immediately when i cross the street of the mechanic, it turns off again. And a couple of days back, my colleague unaware of the latest technology in my bike, took it for a ride and nearly fell off when he stopped for a U-turn.

Should ask the mechanic/Hero honda service persons to check it again and give them a chance to implement this functionality in a better way, before any damage is made. if they are unaware of this, i am thinking of patenting this amazing technology. Let me see :)

Monday, November 26, 2007


Was going through this blogpost yesterday. Found it very interesting and thought how would it be to narrate this in the form of a cartoon strip rather than this plain text. Is it possible? in the world of web2.0 everything is possible. There is a cool site , developed by our company which can be used to create cartoons and thought of giving it a try.

Check it out.

If you cant view the pop-up, then check it out here.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Certain things do not change

"Y do certain things happen in the same way it happens? that too with amazing regularity?? Y does it happen to me always? don't i have a control over the proceedings?? From the outset, everything seems to be going fine. But as i near my goal, i am made to look like a fool and the fate pops up its ugly head and suddenly the target seems to go very very far. So near yet so far. Wont there be light at the end of the tunnel at all?? These things make me believe there is something called destiny and certain things are out of our hands. If you are not destined to get something, then u will not. Whatever may be the efforts you put to reach ur goal, it still eludes you. The saying "there is always a slip between the cup and the lip" holds true in many cases. Somehow someone comes in my way and prevents me from reaching my goal."

che... Sachin missed his 42nd ton again by a whisker

The above content might be the thoughts eating the mind of Sachin Tendulkar after having missed out yet another century this year.

The manner in which he finds ways to getout in nineties and his 42nd century jinx is certainly the topic of discussion of many nowadays to such an extent that mails are goin around trying to explain the reason he misses the much coveted mark in lighter vein. One of my colleagues, went to the extent of creating a toon-strip using the product developed by him, where he strongly believes that Sachin will fall in the nineties again.

Do check it out. Lets see how long it takes before the little master proves my colleague that his prediction is wrong.


Monday, October 29, 2007

Foot board travel

Footboard travel... one of the major issues faced by the transport corporation. The city dwellers might very well have noticed this daily. Atleast 20-25 people cling on to the bus precariously either in the foot board or the window bars. Most of them JUST manage to place their toe and palm in the bus and still pay the same fare that a person comfortably sitting inside the bus would pay. Quite unfair.. isnt it? something has to be done regarding this. The college students take this as an opportunity to showcase their hanging skills. They come a long way running behind the bus and somehow manage to get a hand and a foot inside the bus and just stick on to it. By the time, they are into the bus, the next stop has already approached and they have to get down to give way for others to board/alight the bus. Inshort, they mostly run behind the bus, thus keeping them in good shape. Now i understand why they are always energetic. But, it needs lot of stamina to run across the city in this traffic. Here too, they waste the money in the form of ticket/season ticket just for running behind the bus.

The govt tries to put its best foot forward in this regard by introducing lots of services, launching the new automatic door closure buses, increasing the passenger capacity of the buses.. but all their effors fail(fall) and they are left bewildered like a poor commuter who just fell out of the bus. But still the government cannot meet the growing needs and this menace still continues and lots of passengers still hang out of the
buses putting their lives and the fellow passengers lives in danger.

As a last and brave attempt, the government has introduced a new type of bus where the passengers just CANNOT travel in foot-board. Currently, as a trial measure they have introduced only one service in some other part of tamilnadu. If this measure proves successful, this will be followed in the city as well. Anyway, kudos to our transport corporation for such an innovative thinking and the way they MAINTAINing it as a secret till now.

See the below picture to get a sneak preview of this.

(Image courtesy: As usual, mail forward :) )

Monday, October 15, 2007 to aisi....

Myself and my wife recently shifted to a separate house. We are using a fridge that has been unused for around 3 years. Since, it has not been used for a long while it is not functioning properly and whatever thing that we keep inside it, just stays as it is without getting cooled in spite of the fact that the fridge is running all day with the chillness adjusting disc pointing to the maximum value. On certain cases, we noticed that the item inside it is slightly warm. Very strange isn't it...

Day before yesterday, we prepared sandwich and decided to finish some house hold chores before having breakfast. Hence, to keep it hot, we kept it inside a hot pack and continued our work. After an hour or so, we finished our work, got ready and opened the hot pack expecting to much some hot sandwiches. To our disappointment, the sandwiches got so cool and the hot pack failed in its duty (you too?? :( ). Eventhen, we ate those sandwiches thinking on how to preserve the milk until the fridge gets reparied and how to maintain any stuff in its hot state until we get a new hot pack.....

The sandwich did the trick and we struck up an idea to combat this situation. We have decided to keep the things to be cooled(like milk, curd) inside the hot pack and the things which has to be maintained in the same temperature(sandwich,noodles) inside the fridge.

Cool.. no no.. hot.. no no.. some crap.. isn't it??

Who said, only mentos can give you great ideas.. even sandwiches can.. try it out....

Monday, November 06, 2006

tamil tamil everywhere....

Happenned to watch the film "Varalaaru" ( Godfather ) last weekend. It was good and entertaining. The movie was earlier named as "Godfather" and then re-christened to "Varalaaru" to gain the tax exemption announced by the TamilNadu Govt. for the films that has Tamil names. Recently, lots of movies had a name change, just to gain this exemption. The great Tamil language has grown in stature and has shown its prominence everywhere. Right from the movie names, to the name boards, to the milestones and location indicators along the national highways(where Hindi n English words were coated with a layer of tar).

I have a thought that it wouldnt take a long time for the ever growing tamil language to set its foot on the currently hot IT industry. We could expect some announcement like "IT exemption for all the software professionals who code in tamil", "Professional tax waived off for the Tamil programmers", "Free houses for the techies who develop products in Tamil". I wouldnt be amused to hear something like these.. Everybody be prepared and train rigorously to code in tamil. Grab the opportunity with both the hands and enjoy all the soaring benefits. Its predicted that soon the our tamil software will spread its wings to all parts of the world and we all might get a long onsite trip to foreign lands. Wherever you go, tamil will be there to safagaurd you.

I would like to keep myself prepared for the upcoming tamil wave and get myself benifitted from all these special discounts. Hence, i have already started to develop programs in tamil and here is one sample piece.

The following is the original java program,

public class Project

public static void main(String args[])
int a;
string b;
b = "Zero";
b = "Non-Zero";

And the following image has the tamil version of the same program.

PS : The image is just a mail forward ( as usual ).