Saturday, July 15, 2006

Interesting guy - Prathees

This post is about one of my colleague named Pratheeswaran ( name not changed as nobody requested ). I find him a bit interesting. He is a cool guy and will take everything in a sportive manner. No matter, how much we make fun of him, he will never lose his cool nature. He is very lively and friendly. He was also nicknamed as the spammer and virus of our company. Still, he keeps on moving around as if a great privilege or honour has been placed on him.

The most striking quality that i find very interesting in him is his bad luck. May be i am sadistic to describe about ones bad luck, but on reading this you might also do the same. Because, most of the things that he tries, ends up in failure. Its not just a small failure that affects only him, but a gaint one that it affects thousands of people. I think you will be confused as to how a small mistake by one simple normal guy will affect a whole lot of people. Here are few instances justifying them...

Instance 1 : It was around an year ago. This hero got settled in our company and began to earn well. Just as every other human being, he struck with the idea of saving the hard earned money and invested in the nearby bank. You may ask what is wrong with it. Yes, his intentions are good. But, the bank which he invested was "Global Trust Bank", which was closed soon after he invested the money. There he stood outside the bank with hundreds of other poor fellows who lost their money too. :'(

You may say that this is just a coincidence. Infact everybody of us, thought the same. But the following incidents told us that its not so and how unlucky our guy is.

Instance 2 : This guy is like a phoenix. He didnt give up. He then thought of making some investment by getting some gold. He did that too. Alas, the rate of gold which has been in a steep increase till that day, began to fall down for the next few days. Though the rate of fall in gold prices was marginal, it did fall and good thing ( rather bad thing for him ) is that it didnt raise.

Instance 3 : This guy then decided to change his area towards the share market. The one which was booming and one which seemed to be a safe option considering the market uptrends. This over enthusiastic guy wanted to set his foot firm on that too. He did some investment in the form of some mutual bonds, shares. Within a week, there was a big commotion and all the channels flashed the news that the share market has been freezed for a couple of hours. Nobody can believe this. The share market, which was consistenly on a rise for the past few months, faced a sudden fall. Some of his cubicle mates, the fellow investors began to lament as to "how could this happen? how can the market fall like this?". None of them knew that our hero, who was silently sitting beside them is also the reason for this.

Dejected at all this, he then decided to watch any good movie to cool him down and to think of any other new areas to enter. But, he wasnt able to do that. The reason behind this happens to be the next instance.

Instance 4 : This guy took a resolution that he will become very selective in watching tamil movies and that he will watch only "Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu" and "Imsai arasan" for this year. But, despite the fact that both the films were completed, they were not released by that time. Even the kollywood is affected by our guys resolution. :-D ( Imsai arasan got released by this time,but our hero decided to skip that movie)

After going through all these, you might have come to an conclusion whether all these things are just coincidental or any divine powers ( rather devils power ) this guy has got. Do let me know.

Now we are all keeping our fingers crossed as to what this guy would try next and what might be the impact of it. O:-)

He has now bought a brand new Hero Honda Passion Plus. Dont know what is in stake for the Hero Honda company. In one way, i m the reason for him to choose this bike. So, i am pretty much tensed now. ;-)

PS 1 : Based on the feedback, i may write about someother guys as a sequel to this post.

PS 2 : I have posted this after getting consent from the concerned party


Dheepa said...


pls donot let the guy read this post. even people who have a strong morale and confidence will lose it after reading this post.

Idhukku perumai vera..that you got permission from him to write this....


Vetty Officer said...


A great thanks for spending your time to post about me - that toooo in English!!!! (Hmm.. your writing is good man)

Shankar you have seen those instances only from one angle, let me explain you what happened from other angles (Hope you wud have got that ma next target is celluloid)

Instance1: Mr. Narayanan is just retired and wanted ot save his funds in some bank. He wanted to use that money for his daughter Divaya's marriage. Just when he thought of putting them in GTB accound our hero put his money and you know what happened. Needless to say Naraynana didnt put the money there after that news - and you know Divya is married and happily living now!!!

Instance 2: This time Mr. n Mrs. Moorthy had their daughters marriage coming soon, but being a typical middle class family they couldn't buy much gold with the little money they had. Now our hero enters the scene - Gold rate go down and you know - they were able to buy plenty of gold. You should have seen the tears of happiness rolling in their eyes on the marriage day!!!

Instance 3: You should be knowing how the share market was progressing. No common man was able to buy shares with the little amount of money they had. Only the Big shots were playing in the business. After the incident you have mentioned the market went down - most common middle class people were able to buy big shares @ reasonable cost.

Instance 4:
That ban on Imsai arasan only raised the expectations and the movie is a block buster today.

HeHeHeHe - there is always a positive ending when our Hero enters na!!!!

***PS: Sorry for the long boring stories - Idhuku melae naan nallavan nu scene poda mudiyadhu pa!!!!

Dheepa said...

hey vetty officer!!!

Wonderful! Quite a good "tit for tat" for shankar's post!

I like your +ve attitude :-)

Nice way to look at life


Vignesh said...


Accidentally landed to this post and surprised tht it is YOU n the Hero of the post is our VO Prathees.

The way u narrated the stories and the reply of Prathees is quite interesting. Good one :)

-- Vignesh

Vetty Officer said...

Just the last night I was telling my friend that we should watch "Chiillunu Oru Kadhal" this week. Today morning in paper I read there is some problem between the Censor Board and the Film unit.

paavam pa indha cinema karanga!!!! ;-(

N.Shankar said...

Thanks Vicky....

Prathees.. its better if u stop watching tamil films.. already our kollywood is facing lots of problems in the form of pirated VCDs... dont drown it further by being an ardent fan...

PLEASE DA.. let the tamil film industry flourish...

Vijay said...

He has now bought a brand new Hero Honda Passion Plus. Dont know what is in stake for the Hero Honda company. In one way, i m the reason for him to choose this bike. So, i am pretty much tensed now. ;-)

Now, its only Hero Motors as Honda has exited from Joint Venture with Hero.